The Barry Gallery was first opened in October 1986 (on the 40th anniversary of Barry), in the basement of the dining room. The Declaration of Intentions, upon its foundation, was: “To add to the consumption of bread the consumption of the spirit, to create the act of art, for man shall not live by bread alone.” The goal was to “bring contemporary Israeli art at its best to our periphery and expose the public to the culture and art that takes place in Israel.” Prior to the Jubilee Festival (October 1996), the gallery was moved to the eastern wing of the old dining-room hut and in September 2004, another room was added to the screening of films.

Until 2016, more than 300 exhibits were exhibited in the gallery. The first curators were Orit Swirski and Harel Itzhaki and since 1993 the main curator and director of the gallery is Ziva Yellin. In 2011 Sophie Berson McKay joined.
In December 2007, the gallery was inaugurated in its new location in the southeastern part of the old dining room, in a new and more spacious hall with a high ceiling.

The uniqueness of the gallery in Bari is in its ongoing performance over many years of quality Israeli art. They exhibited in Bari Gallery, one of the best artists in Israel, well-known artists from the old generation, alongside young people in their early stages, in diverse mediums of painting, sculpture, photography, video, print, installation and performance. The gallery aims and encourages artists to create special works for space and space, community works that share the local population and political works. In the gallery, there are regular meetings with the exhibiting artists, training for kindergarten children, groups and interested parties and cultural events.
Opening hours

Thursday 20:00 – 16:00 | Friday 1:00 – 9:00 | Saturday 14:00 – 10:00