Art Lane Fund supports Dana Harel’s solo exhibition- Capillary Waves

We are exited to recieve a grant from Art Lane Fund, supporting Dana Harel’s solo exhibition- Capillary Waves.

Art Lane is a fund for the support of art in Israel’s peripheral areas. It has been established based on the desire to narrow the gap between the art world in the country’s center and its remote areas and to advance, encourage, and support the presence of visual art in the periphery. The fund places the utmost importance on enhancing the practice of art in complex environments, and believe in uniting the forces of center and periphery in Israel, recognizing that art is an essential language for the whole of society, as well as a cultural necessity for every community. The fund believes that art can be used to bridge differences and break barriers of language, perception, and faith, and that art-making can be a major factor in leading social and environmental change.

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