Residency 2019: Yaniv Amar- The Bienalle for Milk | Atar Geva- Bubbling

The Biennale for Milk is a long term artistic project, combining a large scale installation by Yaniv Amar and the work of Atar Geva. The exhibition opened in two locations- the deserted milking parlor on the Kibbutz, and the newer one that was built nearby. Amar’s work has communal traits, taking months while working with the local community. The old and deserted milking parlor was turned under his hands to a white, almost holy, church. With small gardens of local plants, small zen gardens surrounding it. The inner room was painted bright red and a large painting of the local flora and fauna decorated the walls. The structure was filled with lights and running water, pouring into a basin. In the red room, set on a pedestal was a work resembling the outlines of a town, made from charred wood. Like a city after a catastrophe. Outside the milking parlor on an improvised concrete bomb shelter, he painted a young girl with a red ballon, referring to Banksy’s iconic work. Under close inspection the girl is revealed to be Ahed Tamimi, the 11 year old palestinian who became a symbol of resistance. Amar is an advocate for the futility of war and conflict, peace and humanitarian ideas. 

Atar Geva used the neighboring milking parlor to grow tubes of spirolina algea, hanging from the metal beams of the ceiling.  With bubbling water inside the tubes, the algae grew over time, time turning the tubes into a medidative safe haven with growing life and greenery.

ד"ר זיוה ילין וסופי ברזון מקאי

More images from the exhibition