Zion Hazan Saluki

Zion Avraham Hazan is a filmmaker and artist, graduate of the Hamidrasha School of Art at Beit Berl. In 2013 he won first prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival in the experimental film category for his film “Marganit.” He was chosen to participate in the prestigious Artport residency program in Tel Aviv in the 2015 cycle. His works were exhibited in Israel and abroad; The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Herzliya Museum, the Tel Aviv Municipal Gallery 16 and the Martin Gropius-Bau Museum, Berlin.

The exhibition features a video taken by the artist on the kibbutz. The participants are four members of the kibbutz and a local audience who are not really actors. The scene depicts a meeting around a table in the dining room of the kibbutz. The four heroes participated in the battle in Lebanon near the Saluki River, where they shot one another and caused the death of their commander. They describe from their memories of what happened, argue about the details, and try to reconstruct the events in the battle with the utensils on the table. The map, the dishes, the remnants of the food and the table become a battlefield. Old questions surfaced on the surface. It is not clear whether they were silenced or that this is the repeated conversation at every meeting. who is to blame? What were the orders? What caused a shortening in the media and what enabled them to identify each other as an enemy? Was it possible to act differently?

Dr. Ziva Yellin