Yael Serlin wins Beeri Gallery Prize #1 at Fresh Paint Art Fair 2021

Yael Serlin is the winner of Beeri Gallery prize #1, launched this year in its first edition during Fresh Paint Art Fair 2021. From all the artists participaiting in this year’s Artist Greenhouse, the gallery’s curators- Dr. Ziva Jelin and Sofie Berzon MacKie chose Yael Serlin as the winner of the prize. The prize includes a solo exhibition at the gallery during 2022, 10,000 ₪ to cover production costs, and 20,000 ₪ for designing and printing a catalogue. Serlin will exhibit during November- Decmber 2022.

Yael Serlin (1983), Lives in Jerusalem, head of the Department of Art at Emuna College. Serlin is a multidisciplinary artist, working with print, video, sketch and installations.