Summer of 2018 Was Hot

The summer of 2018 was hot, and ended with a barrage of missiles towards the Gaza Envelope. It was impossible to ignore the sights and smells, the sense of urgency, the heartache of burnt fields, woods, wadis and nature reserves. On the one hand, destruction and frustration and on the other hand, wonder of this new black ladscape. The Gaza Envelope artists, each in their studio, responded to the fires, the black and the white ashes, the ecstasy and the sadness, and painted, sculpted, photographed and printed. We only collected the works, a small part of them.

Participating artists: Anna Dan, Gila Sapir, Dondi Schwartz, Haran Kislev, Zohar Morag, Ziva Jelin, Yohanan Drucker, Yona Levi Grossman, Yossi Silverman, Carmel Dayan,Ligael Sofer, Sofie Berzon Mackie, Aliza Flug, Ruth Nevo, Rachel Danzig, Tari Kipnis

Dr. Ziva Yellin

More images from the exhibition